How to Apply to a University in Turkey

You have the possibility to choose from state universities or private universities. The requirements to study at state universities and private universities are different. In case you want to study at state universities you have to pass the entrance examination YÖS (Foreign Student Examination). For the preparation to the YÖS Exams we recommend you to buy our YÖS Books.

For studying at private universities you can apply through our application form.

With our application form, you can easily apply to multiple universities in Turkey by filling out one application form. We as Global Academia cooperate with more then +40 Universities in Turkeyand can help you searching for the right university and degree. As in other countries, the education is organized on three levels. Which are: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D.

We can offer you 43 Universities in every program possible. It is also possible to study in English. Here are some of our Universities which offer English-taught programs: Koc University, Beykent University, Bilgi University and the list goes on. Click here to check out Our Universities

The requirements and deadlines vary from university to university according to subject. If you want detailed information we recommend you to fill out our application form.

 Step 1: Begin finding out the correct degree and university

Higher education in Turkey is getting more popular every day. As you have already noticed, the education system in Turkey is not that a lot completely different from the EU-Bologna System. It’s conjointly organized on three levels: Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and PhD.

The wide alternative of universities gets often students surprised and confused at the same time. Studying programs options are even more wider. We are here to help you with your selection and get you accepted in the degrees you are looking for.

What is necessary to understand is that every year the Turkish Government and the Counsil of Higher Education in Turkey (as known as YÖK) establishes a set variety of studying places for foreign students for every program that you ought to check to estimate your probabilities of obtaining it. Which at the end means: The smaller the amount of studying places harder the competition

What documents are needed for the Bachelor Degree application?

– High School Diploma
– High School Transcripts
– Copy of your Passport
– English Proficiency Results (if possible)

If you plan to apply for a Bachelor’s degree, you have to have a high school graduation or a near-to-graduate.

Let’s begin!


Step-by-Step Application (with screenshots)

  1. Click the Apply Now Button in the Menu or the button below!

    Apply Now - Turkey
  2. Fill out the Application Form and upload your documents

In the application form, you can choose programs and universities you want to apply to. You can leave the university field blank, so we can have a look at your documents and search for the best university possible which will fit your criteria.


Do not forget to upload your documents!

  1. After filling out the application form, you will receive an e-mail with the further details.
  2. Your personal assistant will contact you per WhatsApp and guide you through the whole process of your application. We will be guiding you until you arrive to Turkey and start with your studies.

If you have do not have your documents ready, don’t worry. You can easily send your documents after.

 Frequently asked questions about university application in Turkey


Where do I apply?

You can apply here with our Application Form or talk to one of our consultants. Our staff will guide you through the whole application process..


How much does the application / consultation cost?

Our university application is a full service, where our agents contact you and update you day by day. Inform you about the fees and choices, get you admitted to multiple universities.
At some situations our agents go to the universities to talk face-to-face about your application. We also help you with procedures of visa and dorm reservation. Through our good relationships with universities we have the possibility to speed up the procedure of getting you accepted and earn special scholarships.

To know more about the cost of the application and consulation click the link below. You can also talk to our agents about the consultation.

To earn up to %70 Scholarships and Premium Services – Please use our Premium Application Service to Universities in Turkey


When do I need to submit the application?

It is possible to submit the application the whole year through. (For Master Degrees and PhD). Bachelor Degrees: We will save your documents in our database and will submit these to the university as soon as the application dates start. Most of the times we sent your application to the university upfront to make sure you get your acceptanceand do not have to worry about quotas at universities.


How do I apply for a Student Visa – Turkey?

Applying for a Student Visa in Turkey is very easy. After we have completed the application process, and sent you the Letter of Acceptancefrom the universities you can easily apply for a student visa in your country. With the Letter of Acceptance and filling out Student Visa Format the Turkish Embassy you will receive your visa in about 8 weeks.


Is it possible to get scolarships in Turkey?

Sure it is. With your documents we have received through the application form, we sit down and talk with our universities. We will inform you on every step. We will inform you about state scholarships and other possibilities too.