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YÖS Books Set include 7 Books

  1. YÖS Model Exams
  2. YÖS IQ All Published Questions
  3. YÖS IQ Examples with Solutions
  4. YÖS IQ Question Bank
  5. YÖS Mathematics All Published Questions
  6. YÖS Matematik – Examples with Solutions
  7. %100 YÖS Exams – Trial Exams


YOS Books

yös books - yos books
YOS Books play a huge part in preparation for the YOS Exam. Working with books is an indispensable way of working especially for students who prefer to work from home.

We have more than 32 years of experience in YOS Preparation. So we know what kind of topics and questions are asked in the exams.

With the Global Academia YOS Books Set, you will have all the questions, topics and solution sets in one.

The Global Academia YOS Books – Preparation Set includes 7 books in which you have Trial Exams, Model Exams, Question Banks and Examples with Solutions. Also you will get an overview with the “All Published Books” As you should already know, the YOS Exam consists of two main topics: The first and the most important one is IQ – The other main topic is Maths.

We can categorize our books into 3 main topics which are YOS IQ – second YOS Mathematics and the Trial Exams.
Our YOS Books are designed for the examinations in year 2018 and above.

Our motto is: You cannot know about the future, if you don’t know about the past.  With this understanding, we have all previous YOS exams from the date 1981 until now.

Let’s dive into the YOS Books:

YOS Mathematics Books

There are two YOS Mathematics Books in the YOS Books Set. One book is the YOS Mathematics – Examples and solutions in which you have the topic declarations. Secondly we have the book: YOS – Mathematics All Published Questions.

YOS IQ Books

Same as the YOS Mathematics Books, we have a topic declaration books. In addition there are two books: YOS IQ All Published Questions and a YOS IQ Question Bank.

Last but not least:

YÖS Trial Exam Books


With our two Trial Exam books:%100 YOS Trial Exams and YOS Model Exams you will have the chance to test yourself. After you went through all the YOS IQ and YOS Mathematics Books above, you can test yourself and see your standings with these two books. Set your stopwatch and start to solve the exams.

Solve these exams like you are in a real YOS Exam.
These two books are good for you in time optimizing and getting faster on the exams and get higher grades in the exams.

Where can you get our YOS Books?

You can get our YOS Books only here, www.globalacademia.com, or in our YOS Preparation schools in Cologne / Germany. We deliver worldwide! No matter where you are. We have already sent books across the globe.
From Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Japan, USA, India, China and more.

For our books you can also visit: www.YosKitaplari.com


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