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Bezmialem University

In 2010 Bezmiâlem University, T.C. Prime Minister’s Directorate General of Foundations was established as a private university focused exclusively on health sciences in Turkey.

The aim of Bezmiâlem Vakıf University is to raise students who can fulfill age demands, support our country’s traditions and distinctions, increase public safety, and engage with foreign academic study by concentrating on divisions of science in the fields of schooling, medicine, and clinical studies and health sciences.

Bezmiâlem Vakıf University, which with its educational degree, academic studies and journals, culture and art activities is on the road to being among the world’s leading higher education institu-tions, offers its students a premium education, a vibrant university life and a secure future in the health sciences sector.

Bezmiâlem Vakıf University, which started its education on its historic campus built de 1845, de-corporated Eyüp Sultan Campus, Sultan Gazi Campus Varank, BVU Dragos Clinic, and Beykoz Life Sciences and Biotechnology Institute in 2018.

Bezmialem University in Istanbul

Bezmialem University strives to create learners who will excel in their careers, with its skilled teaching personnel, solid technical facilities, modern classrooms and labs, rich library and advanced education programs, and offers a high-level curriculum where students blend academic expertise with realistic implementations. The most critical aspect that determines the level of education at Bezmialem University is the instructional method carried out with programs intended to develop the study and investigation skills of students according to international norms.

Bezmialem University cares about English education, such that students can track the world’s in-ventions, changes relevant to their subjects and foreign capital. In the Faculties of Medicine, Den-tistry and Pharmacy, and preferably in the Faculty of Health Sciences, mandatory one year prepara-tory training is given. Continuing practical English lessons at home and abroad create several career prospects for Bezmiâlem students after preparatory schooling.

The University of Bezmiâlem Vakıf offers education to approximately 600 scholars who have achieved recognition within the national and foreign communities, and approximately 1 student is asigned to 7 schools. This number, which is also above the world average, is one of the factors which increase educational quality. Through producing a reverse brain drain, Bezmiâlem Vakıf University, which ranks high in the number of publications per faculty member, is proud to intro-duce many scientists from abroad into our region.


According to the URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance), which analyzes the aca-demic performance of universities, the findings of Bezmiâlem Vakıf University 2019;

  • 1st between universities founded after 2000,
  • 3rd between universities with less than 6,000 students,
  • 4th in the general ranking of foundation universities
  • 8th Between universities Faculty of Medicine in Turkey
  • 16th in the list of universities in Turkey

Scholarships at Bezmialem University

At Bezmiâlem Vakıf University, students are entitled, based on their performance at the university entrance level, to research at a 100 percent grant, 75 percent and 50 percent discount.

OSYM scholarships / discounts persist during regular schooling without delay irrespective of the degree of progress in the educational cycle. Students can benefit from the degree scholarships Bezmialem University will provide in the first year 2000.

Prepayment Discount: If at the beginning of any academic year the tuition fee is charged in ad-vance, 5 per cent discount would be given.

Sibling Discount: Growing sibling student gets a 10 per cent discount on the price they are charged.

Sports Scholarship: Sports Scholarship is granted according to the standards laid down in the Bezmiâlem Vakıf Scholarship Guideline for Universities.

Academic Success Scholarship: Academic Performance Scholarship is granted according to the criteria laid forth in the University Scholarship Guideline of Bezmialem University.

The criteria in which the scholarships and discounts can begin are laid out in the Bezmiâlem Vakıf University Scholarship Directive. Under the framework of this guideline, if the student is entitled to more than one discount and scholarship, except for the discount on prepayment and the ÖSYM scholarship, only the lowest one would gain.

Study Medicine at Bezmialem University

Education and Training at Bezmialem University – Faculty of Medicine

“It is a non-profit-oriented discipline aimed at educating doctors with a high degree of expertise, effectively utilizing modern technologies and informatics in their study and procedures, who have found character values, educating doctors with academic and leadership attributes, pursuing work that leads to science and consistency of quality.

Bezmialem University – The Faculty of Medicine Education was established with the competences applied to the National Core Education System published in 2014, with the goal of “providing health treatment” and the dream of “being a leading medical school, taking the model in education, giving direction to research, caring for its historical information and human values.

Bezmiâlem Core Education Medicine Curriculum

Medicine staff education at Bezmialem University is comprised of phases called spiraling. In spiral 1, simple lessons are provided that will shape the foundation of medical education, covering around 3 months of schooling ap-; 2. Consumption period is roughly 1 year, and the usual configuration of all structures is defined; the pathological circumstances and disorders in all structures are identi-fied in the third cycle, the length is 1.5 years.

Medical schooling is the 4th Spiral. In addition to abstract lessons in the first 3 instructional spirals, realistic instruction on templates is implemented in laboratories with technical abilities, problem-based teaching ses-sions in which students engage effectively in the curriculum. Practices start in the surgical helix.

Theoretical lessons are offered first in various internship classes, and then trainings are delivered with the lecturers at the bedside in the relevant departments. During instructional times, graduates have the ability to learn in the context of case-based assessment, where they can engage directly in the study.

Student Centered Education

Microscopy laboratory, anatomy dissection laboratory, and technical ability laboratories assist in-creasing time of the education at the Faculty of Medicine at Bezmialem University. Students be-come regularly engaged in schooling through the PBL trainings. Students tend to develop knowledge throughout the developmental times by discussing what they have discovered at meet-ings both within and outside the school.

Output Oriented Education

The pressure of knowledge is high in medical education. Excessive and excessive information causes students to memorize themselves and keeps them from achieving stages of study and com-prehension. Of this purpose, at the beginning Bezmiâlem was designed according to the degree of expertise in medical education subjects and stages, and meaningfully prepared for the horizontal and vertical integrations of the topics.

Scientific Orientation Training

International students at Bezmialem University achieve theoretical expertise in the academic faculty. To that purpose a formal framework program arrangement with Johns Hop-kins University has been concluded. Together with the staff members of Johns Hop-kins University, the research commission, which will lead to the educational and academic-academic advancement of students, will be carried out. At the completion of the “Science Commission” that will last one and a half years, each student receives the ability to perform and present scientific work. Successful Bezmi-alem University graduates had the chance to spend the last year completing an internship at Johns Hopkins University.

Basic Competencies Training

International Students at Bezmialem University are also educated in specific competencies at the completion of medical studies, rather than academic school. All Bezmialem Univer-sity Internation-al Students develop expertise in administration, teamwork, health security, becoming a part of a squad, possessing critical knowledge, principles and accountability.

Job oppurtunities

General practitioners may serve as doctors and administrators of family and community health clin-ics, ambulance care, dialysis facilities, 112 fire stations, administrative and corporate doctors, and can operate of public and private hospitals if they are specialists

Bezmialem University Cirriculum

The aim of the curriculum at the Bezmiâlem University is to educate Bezmialem University’s Inter-national Students to fulfill their duties as a young medical doctor upon graduation. On this basis, a training plan was developed by splitting the training up to a point of 6 years and identifying a sys-tem that adopts a result-based methodology organized around clinical concerns.

Additionally, as skill labs were created student clinics and the OSCE Test Center, and software service was purchased for the online test.

First developed within the scope-with the OSCE and Skills Laboratory, Bezmiâlem Foundation University, an creative spirit, taking training in Turkey, will grow along with the cognitive level of basic and advanced skills training.

Although promoting the transition of expertise from the classroom atmosphere to actual circum-stances, the goal is to increase the degree of competence through appropriate training and the rate of recall.

Therefore, the certification improvement is aimed at the college system and its students. Through the curriculum of these most extensive OSCE and Competence Labs, teachers may see an incentive to engage directly of their students’ preparation and assessment, to know and assess.

Departments of Bezmialem University – Hospital

  • Department of Anatomy
  • Biophysics Department
  • Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Department of Physiology
  • Histology and Embryology Department Medical Biochemistry Department
  • Department of Medical Biology
  • Department of Medical Microbiology
  • Medical Education and Informatics
  • Medical History and Ethics
  • Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation Brain and Nerve Surgery Department
  • Department of Pediatric Surgery
  • Department of General Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery Department
  • Eye Diseases Department
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Orthopedics and Traumatology Department
  • Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department Medical Pathology Department
  • Department of Urology
  • Emergency Medicine Department
  • Forensic Medicine Department
  • Family Medicine Department
  • Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Diseases Department of Child Health and Diseases
  • Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases
  • Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department Physical Medicine and Reha-bilitation Department
  • Chest Diseases Department
  • Public Health Department
  • Department of Internal Medicine
  • Department of Cardiology
  • Department of Neurology
  • Department of Nuclear Medicine
  • Department of Radiology
  • Radiation Oncology Department
  • Department of Mental Health and Diseases
  • Sports Medicine Department
  • Medical Genetics Department
  • Department of Medical Pharmacology

More about the Hospital of the University

Study Dentistry at Bezmialem University

Bezmialem University’s Faculty of Dentistry, which began its operations in the 2010-2011 academ-ic year, provides undergraduate, medical, and professional instruction. English preparatory school-ing is 1 year, and 5-year faculty instruction continues with students who complete the preparatory exam. The School of Dentistry comprises 8 divisions. Students are given a wealth of expertise and experience in laboratories for clinical and preclinical simulation fitted with the new equipment pro-vided by the den-tistry.

Dentistry is a medicine field that investigates the natural anatomy, processes, and disorders of the head, neck, throat, lips, and teeth, and deals with the therapeutic, therapeutic, and curative therapies of these conditions. Identity in dentistry involves the synthesis of several attributes. The dentist will be able to pose like an artist, have technical abilities like craftsmen and, like a counselor, be able to conquer the patient’s terror. A dentist will have characteristics such as hand-fingering abilities, hand-eye coordination, three-dimensional visual capacity, colour vision, listening capabilities, physical endurance and a willingness to pursue inventions.

Applied Dentistry Faculty Clinics

There are conical beam computational dental tomography (CBCT), panoramic x-ray unit, medical operating theaters, experimental testing and research clinics, CAD / CAM and laser evaluation clin-ics, and pregraduate and specialist educational facilities on campus in the dental faculty facilities. Internal-tional Bezmialem University students who are educated in simulation laboratory-ries on model patients prior to clinical education are qualified for clinical education.

Bezmialem University’s Foreign Students who have had the ability to extend their expertise ac-quired both technically and clinically before the clinic by looking at the patient in the clinical envi-ronment, graduating with complete exposure and adequate practice.

Job oppurtunities

Students who are graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry with their specialty and doctoral degree will begin their personal growth. They will also operate in organizations in public, corporate, and academic healthcare, as well as establish their own clinic.

Faculty of Dentistry Departments

• Oral, Maxillofacial Surgery Department • Oral, Maxillofacial Radiology Department • En-dodontics Department

  • Orthodontics Department
  • Department of Pedodontics
  • Periodontology Department
  • Prosthetic Dentistry Department
  • Restorative Dentistry Department

Study PHARMACY at Bezmialem University

Bezmialem University’s Faculty of Pharmacy is an creative department offering 30 percent of Eng-lish healthcare. Education and training has been carried out for the integrated board structure since the academic year 2017-2018, and the university wanted to further understand the theoretical and functional information provided in education by all candidates, complementing each other with an integrated understanding and pharmacy in Turkey, as well as all courses provided within the same board. Bezmialem University’s Faculty of Pharmacy is the first among its faculties to introduce the board program in full. Additionally, the schooling in labs, functional research, and internships is also necessary.

Through its foreign studies and initiatives the Faculty of Pharmacy has followed the concept of becoming the pioneer in the area of pharmacy and medicine. To this purpose, the university staff and administratives are conducting the training program to prepare pharmacists trained with exper-tise and experience of pharmacy and clinical medicine, on the one side, of accordance with the re-quirements and innovations of the pharmaceutical sector, and on the other, taking advantage of the possibilities of living under the umbrella of a university for safety.

Ministry of Health with two specialty areas licensed for pharmacists in 2014, Clinical Pharmacy and taking into account the fields of Fitofarma International Students of Bezmialem University at KL-ik University Faculty of Medicine equipped with Practical Clinical Pharmacy and Turkey Higher Education Council authorized the first phytotherapy center of Practical Phytotherapy Edu-cation.

Under the context of the Erasmus + project, Bezmialem University’s foreign students have the abil-ity to pursue their studies in different European countries through the arrangements reached by the faculty and thereby expand their horizons through modern, technological, social and cultural ac-complishments that could overlap with education systems abroad.

Job oppurtunities after studying Pharmacy at Bezmialem University

Bezmialem Foundation University intends to establish the Pharmaceutical R&D Institute, which will open at Bezmiâlem Vakıf University’s Vatan Campus, to promote the work of the faculty of Bezmialems, to strengthen the relationships between undergraduate and, in particular, graduate / doctoral students with the pharmaceutical industry and other universities, and to develop and sup-port ventures.

Graduates of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Bezmialem, as well as free pharmacies and hospital pharmacies, as well as pharmaceutical firms (R&D, quality assurance, processing, patent, insurance, scientific testing, pharmacovigilance, location and administrative departments), official bodies (Ministry of Health, Regional and District Health Directorates, etc.), wherever nec-essary.

The university provide them with expertise and experience with rigorous laboratory activities of new engineering tools as well as theoretical general education and technical courses in order to train International Students of Bezmialem University for these roles in the most appropriate way.

Student Life at Bezmialem University

Life on Campus

Bezmiâlem Vakıf University, situated in the heart of Istanbul, in the middle of the Historic Penin-su-la, Aksaray / Vatan Lane, on an area of approximately 100,000 m2; it offers an advantageous campus existence with its ancient houses, well-kept green areas, healthy and secure climate, con-venient transportation. The Administrative Building, Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy Laboratories, Study Centres, Phytotherapy Department, Institutes, Dentistry Clinic and Bezmiâlem Vakıf Uni-versity Centre for Wellness, Practice and Science is situated on the Bezmiâlem Vafif University’s central campus.

The Faculty of Health Sciences delivers schooling at the Eyüp Sultan Campus in Bezmialem with new classes and labs fitted with advanced equipment. SHMYO Programs and International Lan-guages Department offers research and instruction with technical labs and modern facilities at Sul-tangazi barelhan Varank Campus.

The students are at the mercy of the school, computing laboratories, cafeterias, kiosks, college ac-commodation and all the possibilities to be included in a university campus.

The University of Bezmiâlem Vakıf strives to ensure that its students reside in a socially and cul-turally diverse community and satisfy their educational and training requirements to the full.

Bezmialem University hosts various social and cultural events for this reason which will contribute to the personal growth of its students and allow them to spend time with pleasure.

It is critical that financial, cultural and artistic activities be carried out with the participation of Bezmialem University’s international students. Bezmialem University has built a student club center so that Bezmialem University’s foreign students can carry out the events they want best and work jointly.

In addition to the supports such as servis, supplies, stationery, classrooms and saloons within the framework of facilities of Bezmialem University, financial assistance is given in the activities to be carried out for Foreign Students of Bezmialem University.


Bezmialem Libraries in Numbers Number of Publications

  • Printed Book 28.000+
  • Electronic Databases 42
  • Electronic Book 45.000+
  • Electronic Magazine 70.000+

“Besides having various sources of information, access to information as a basic principle. The library of Bezmialem adopts many national and international.

  • The library of Bezmialem University aims to:
  • Growing the level of education and preparation at Bezmialem University,
  • Supporting research and development programs,
  • Resources provided by modern libraries,
  • Knowledge and data requirements of consumers of all styles and environments to reach rapidly from the best source,
  • Regional and foreign expertise, usage and help transfers,
  • Consumers may access more comprehensive details.
  • A library with a significant impact on academic and social life and founded in 2010 inside the Rectorate for the establishment of an information centre.

The central library, which continues to operate with a creative and innovative dream, was revived and opened in 2018, under the name Valide Sultan Library, for use at the Abdülhamid Han Audito-rium. Valide Sultan Library operates as a library with a capacity of 200 people, on an area of 534 m2, with state-of-the-art technology and new layout, taking into consideration all users needs. Valide Sultan Library provides students with 24/7 operation, and there are 3 community study rooms and 1 seminar space the university provide to allow use of via the booking program. Addi-tionally, 1 multi-day room helps to meet library users’ device needs.

Furthermore, the other campus building, Eyüp Campus House, is 181 m2 in size and is fitted with the new technology which can accommodate up to 70 individuals. The Sultangazi Varank campus of Bezmialem is 340 m2 and has a capacity of 100 persons with 3 community research rooms with modern designs, 1 computerized research space and 2 book reading rooms.

Both libraries provide a wide range of personal machines, which are available to pupils, in addition to wireless internet connectivity. Bezmialem University will also lead to research studies through participation of several influential, health-related online repositories. Payers will view all the up-to-date resources through the library website.

Through interacting directly with the library workers who are specialists in their fields they will get support in handling every sort of request for information. During the time of college, a minimum of 134 hours a day for the members of the Valide Sultan Library, the Eyüp Faculty of Health Sciences Library and the Campus Library 45 days a week, and the Eyüp Faculty of Health Sciences Library offers 61 hours of operation during the mid-term and final review phases.

The Main Valide Sultan Library of the University of Bezmialem also has a 24/7 work area. The libraries of Bezmialem Foundation University, which supply knowledge from the past to the fu-ture, provide the academic and administrative personnel with the ability to directly profit from all sources according to the directive.

Student Clubs at Bezmialem

Disaster and Emergency Club, Bicycle Club, Dental Research and Solidarity Club, Nature Sports Club, Elim Sende Club, Ergotherapy Club, Farma Actual Club, Photography Club, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Club, Traditional Archery Club, Young Earth Doctors Club , Young Green Crescent Club, Youth and Ethics Club, Cancer Life and Solidarity Club, Short Film Club, Red Crescent Club, Nutrition Club in Our Generation, Culture Art and Literature Club, Critical and Analytical Thinking Club, Debate Club, Music Club, Audiology Club, Radio and Art Club, Colors of Health Nursing Club, Health Positive Thinking Club, Health Management and Entrepreneurship Club, Social Development and Responsibility Club, Personality to Civilization Club, Medical Re-search Club, TıbDoSt Club, Tiy The number of student clubs that add color to university life such as atro Club, Turkish Medical Students Association Club, Turkish History and Idea Club, Age Friendly Club, Sailing Club is increasing every year.

In addition to the activities of the student clubs at Bezmialem Foundation University, the Direc-torate of Safety, Culture and Sports organizes several cultural, educational and sports courses dur-ing the year so that Bezmialem University’s foreign students may develop themselves in different fields.

Artistic and Educational Courses at Bezmialem University

  • Arabic
  • Computer
  • Diction
  • Sign language
  • Illumination
  • Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing
  • Music Courses
  • Don’t bind. Guitar
  • What
  • Piano
  • Ud
  • Turkish Folk Music and Turkish Art Music Choir

Inside the campus there are multiple cafeterias and dining halls that cater to various tastes and budgets. Menus, prepared under the supervision of dietitians and food engineering, are delivered in friendly social settings that cater to students in all Bezmialem University’s cafeterias.


Bezmialem University is situated in Istanbul city centre, on conveniently accessible Vatan Road. From Yenikapı you can conveniently enter Bezmialem University by bus lines, by subway to Air-port-Aksaray, by sea bus or by Marmaray. Eyüp Sultan Campus can be reached from Fatih Cam-pus by public transportation and services as per their location. In addition, it is also necessary to access the Sul-tangazi Šülhan Varank Campus directly from the Hacı Šükrü stop via the Topkapı-Habibler Tram line or via Fatih Campus services.

There are plenty of dormitories around Bezmialem University campuses for Bezmialem Universi-ty’s Foreign Students arriving from home and abroad.

Accommodation in Turkey can be accessed here.

The Unit of Disabled Students performs studies at Bezmi-alem University to promote the lives of disabled citizens. It carries out other ventures in this area of social responsibility.


If Bezmialem University’s international students face some health problems, they can easily access free treatment by going to the university’s medical unit under the Directorate of Safe-ty, Culture and Sports. The Dentistry Clinic also helps foreign students of Bezmialem Uni-versity to provide free treatment by displaying their student ID cards. Bezmialem Universi-ty Foreign Students will get therapy by submitting to the Psychiatric Counselling and Guidance Office to help their intellectual, emotional, and social growth and alleviate their problems.


Job and Academic Growth Coordinator; in addition to supplying foreign students at Bezmialem University with sufficient and expected advancement into the future and cultivating self-confident and motivated individuals who are involved in science, they also provide resources in several spe-cific fields, such as internship programs, interview methods, CV training and career guidance.

Student Council of Bezmialem Vakıf University; it conducts studies to allow students of Bezmi-alem University to complete their personal growth in education, safety, socio-cultural and sport fields. It also plays an important role in the decisions, enhances cooperation between the stu-dents and the university units and their views and recommendations for the university’s related units.

Sport Facilities at Bezmialem University:

In order to guide students at Bezmialem University to sports divisions in line with their abilities and to lift these abilities to a higher level, new halls will be placed into operation, sports teams will be formed, and they will be able to represent Bezmialem University in the best possible way and play sports together.

Bezmialem University Sports Teams:

  • Foot Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Arm Wrestling
  • Dragon Bot
  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Traditional Archery
  • Ju Jitsu
  • Kickbocks
  • Shovel
  • Ping pong
  • Modern Pentathlon and Triathlon
  • Archery
  • Taekwondo
  • Volleyball
  • Sports Tournaments Organized at Bezmialem University
  • Bowling
  • Football
  • Futsal
  • American Football
  • Ping pong
  • Sports Courses Organized in Bezmialem University:
  • Dive
  • Skiing
  • Muay Thai
  • Archery
  • Taekwondo
  • Tennis
  • Sailing