How to Apply to Universities in Turkey


How to Apply to a University in Turkey:

Turkey is a top destination for International Students looking to study abroad. Being not only a destination for holidays, also lots of students choose Turkey as their educational path.

Turkey is located right between Europe and Asia. It is the so called ‘bridge between East and West’.

With its stunning and world-class universities, you have the possibility to study your Bachelor’s, Master’s or your PhD.

Turkey is not only close to Europe geographically, also the Educational System does not have a much difference. Turkey’s Universities are integrated into the European Union’s Bologna System. That makes it easy to transfer from Universities in Turkey to Universities abroad for Master’s.

There are two types of universities in Turkey. Private Universities and Public Universities. With more than 70 private universities Turkey offers its student a broad catalogue of universities.

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Before starting your application, there are lots of things you have to know about applying to universities in Turkey.

You have the possibility to choose from state universities or private universities. The requirements to study at state universities and private universities are different. In case you want to study at state universities you have to pass the entrance examination YÖS (Foreign Student Examination). For the preparation to the YÖS Exams we recommend you to buy our YÖS Books.

For studying at private universities you can apply through our application form.

With our application form, you can easily apply to multiple universities in Turkey by filling out one application form. We as Global Academia cooperate with more then +40 Universities in Turkey and can help you searching for the right university and degree. As in other countries, the education is organized on three levels. Which are: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D.

The requirements and deadlines vary from university to university according to subject. If you want detailed information we recommend you to fill out our application form.

Requirements to Apply at Universities in Turkey

Documents needed for an application to Bachelor Programs and Postgraduate Programs differ.

Higher education in Turkey is getting more popular every day. As you have already noticed, the education system in Turkey is not that a lot completely different from the EU-Bologna System. It’s conjointly organized on three levels: Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and PhD.

The wide alternative of universities gets often students surprised and confused at the same time. Studying programs options are even more wider. We are here to help you with your selection and get you accepted in the degrees you are looking for. Below we will find documents needed for the application to Universities in Turkey for Bachelor and Master programs.

how to apply for bachelor programs in turkey

How to Apply for Bachelor Programs in Turkey

If you are looking for a Bachelor’s Degree in Turkey you have to have a high school diploma or being in the last semester of high school. These documents are needed for admission at a Bachelor Program in Turkey:

  • Filling out our Application Form
  • High School Diploma (if possible)
  • High School Transcript (Your grades at High School)
  • A Passport
  • Motivation Letter (if needed)

More about Admission Criteria

master degree in Turkey

How to Apply for a Master Degree in Turkey

For a Master’s Degree there are different requirements for different programs. By making your applications, there are common documents that are needed.

Documents needed:

  • Application Form
  • Bachelor’s Diploma
  • Transcript of Records
  • Min. 1 Reference Letter (if needed)
  • CV (if needed)
  • Motivation Letter (if needed)

Application Deadlines

In Turkey there are two intakes. Fall Semester Intake and for the Spring Semester Intake. Usually, Bachelors’ have only one intake per year and Master Degree applications can apply throughout the whole year or in two intakes.

Applications in Turkey mostly start in February and end in Late September. (Can change sometimes)

Let’s begin!

Choose a Program and University in Turkey

Step 1: Choose a Program & University

Begin finding out the correct degree and university

The wide alternative of universities gets often students surprised and confused at the same time. Turkish universities offer its students more than 640+ different programs to choose from. With more then 40 universities in our catalogue, we will help you to find the right university and department. We are here to help you with your selection and get you accepted in the degrees you are looking for.

Choosing the right is very important and it’s a very sensitive topic. If you are not familiar with Universities in Turkey, you should focus on the program of your choice and let us help you with your decision of your university.

Step 2: After you have chosen your major, finding the right university is the next step.

Browse Universities and Departments

As an official agent and representative of Universities in Turkey, we only work with the top ranked universities in Turkey, to provide International Students the best possible options.

In our Programs page, you can check out the most chosen programs among our students and directly apply to multiple universities for a department through one application.

In our universities page, you can check out the most chosen universities and get an overview about universities in Turkey. At most of the universities the yearly fees of each program & scholarship rates and language of education are listed.

application - study in turkey

Step 3: Application to Universities in Turkey.


This is the most important part when it comes to university admission. As a foreign student it can be very hard and nerve-racking to apply to universities. Most of the times, students do mistakes, which leads to rejections and also lower scholarship rates.

By applying with Global Academia, you have the chance to apply to multiple universities in Turkey with an acceptance rate of 98,9% and an average scholarship rate of 50-75%.

You can start your application by filling out our Application Form or by clicking the Apply Now button on the Top Menu.

In the application form, you can choose programs that you are interested to and universities you want to apply to.

You can also leave the ‘University’ field blank. Which makes it easier for a student to receive admission.

How to get admission to Universities in Turkey

Step 4: Admission & Receiving your Offer Letters


After receiving your application details and documents – we will contact you first to confirm about your application. During that time, we will also explain you about the procedures you have to follow for your admission.

If documents are missing or additional documents are needed, our educational agents will let you know. In most of the times we arrange a Zoom Meeting or talk on the phone with our students. It is always better to have a Face-to-Face conversation with our students.

Accommodation & Health Insurance in Turkey

Step 5: Planning your life during your studies in Turkey

Accommodation & Health Insurance and Document Preparation

After admission to your chosen program and university in Turkey, there are more steps to follow. You will not only study in Turkey. Also you will live in Turkey. There are certain steps you have to follow as an International student. Accommodation is the most important one. Not all universities in Turkey offer student accommodation / student dorms for their students. Students sometimes have to find an apartment to live.

As Global Academia, we support our students in any kind of accommodation in Turkey and make sure our students feel comfortable during their studies in Turkey.

Student Visa in Turkey

Step 6: Before Departure

Apply for Student Visa in Turkey

For most of the students a student visa is necessary for entering Turkey or for living in Turkey for a longer term. To apply for a student visa, you will need an official acceptance letter (which will be provided after completing your admission) – a valid passport and application forms which have to be filled out at the Turkish embassy.

Here are Student – Education Visa Types:

Student and Educational Visa Types in Turkey

  • Visa for Internships in Turkey
  • ERASMUS – Visa
  • AISEC Internship Visa
  • For a Turkish Language Course
  • Education Purpose
  • Education in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

There are some countries which are able to enter Turkey with only an ID. Those are:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Georgia
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • İtaly
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Portugal
  • Greece

You can have a look at the Official Website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Turkey for further details about the Turkish Visa.

Here you have general Turkish Visa requirements and information depending on the notionality

Final Step - Study in Turkey

Congrats! It’s time to book your flight and start your study abroad journey.

After your admission and everything is set up, it time for you to book a flight and start your new educational journey.

Start your Journey of Studying in Turkey with Global Academia.


  1. Click the Apply Now Button in the Menu or the button below!
    Apply Now - Turkey
  2. Fill out the Application Form and upload your documents

In the application form, you can choose programs and universities you want to apply to. You can leave the university field blank, so we can have a look at your documents and search for the best university possible which will fit your criteria.

Do not forget to upload your documents!

  1. After filling out the application form, you will receive an e-mail with the further details.
  2. Your personal assistant will contact you per WhatsApp and guide you through the whole process of your application. We will be guiding you until you arrive to Turkey and start with your studies.

If you have do not have your documents ready, don’t worry. You can easily send your documents later per mail to us.

Frequently asked questions about university application in Turkey

Where do I apply?

You can apply here with our Application Form or talk to one of our consultants. Our staff will guide you through the whole application process..

How much does the application / consultation cost?

Our University Application and Educational Consultation is a full service, where our agents handle everything regarding your studies in Turkey. From admission to your chosen programs and accommodation and more.

Most of the times, our students tell us just the department that they are looking for.

At some situations our agents go to the universities to talk face-to-face about your application. We also help you with procedures of Student Visa in Turkey and Student Accommodationhealth insurance. Through our good relationships with universities we have the possibility to speed up the procedure of getting you accepted and earn special scholarships.

The consultation fees change depending on the application type. After you have successfully filled out the application form and submitted your documents we will contact you and tell you about fees & procedures.

When do I need to submit the application?

Depending on the degree type, the application submission dates differ. For Medicine / Dentistry and Pharmacy it should be as early as possible – even if you have not finished high school just yet.

How do I apply for a Student Visa – Turkey?

Applying for a Student Visa in Turkey is very easy. After we have completed the application process, and sent you the Letter of Acceptance from the universities you can easily apply for a student visa in your country. With the Letter of Acceptance and filling out Student Visa Format the Turkish Embassy you will receive your visa in about 8 weeks.

Is it possible to get scolarships in Turkey?

Sure it is. With your documents we have received through the application form, we sit down and talk with our universities. We will inform you on every step. We will inform you about state scholarships and other possibilities too.