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About Maltepe University

Maltepe University is a private University located in Istanbul – Turkey founded in year 1997. Internationalization and International students are very important to Maltepe University. Maltepe University has always been among the most chosen universities by foreign / international students in Turkey. Most of the students choose Maltepe University for its broad catalogue of programs

Students who will graduate from Bachelor Degrees at Maltepe University will receive a Diploma Supplement with their Bachelor Diploma, which is internationally recognized.

Maltepe University, with its respected and experienced academic and administrative personnel, programs modified according to the growth and demands of the era, the variety and richness of academic infrastructure facilities (laboratory, knowledge and record center, internet access, and so on), sharing academic study with the community, and social and cultural events that promote pa It has earned a prominent position in the Turkish University System since completing its institutionalization to a large degree.

Why to choose Maltepe University?

Universities’ primary objective is to offer “thinking education” to students and to portray scientific thinking as a modern worldview.

The environmentally conscious university understands how to translate the knowledge it generates to production, and the information transferred to production makes life simpler through its tangible goods.

Universities create projects relevant to the present and future of society, keeping their national identities secret and adhering to the concept of universality of science, in an attempt to change society in accordance with the demands of the era and bring it into the future.

Campus Life at Maltepe University

Marmara Education Village, set amid pine forests on a 1000-acre plot of land, hosts about 500 events each year in the areas of education, science, and social and cultural activities, and provides its students with a world-class vibrant university life.

Library at Maltepe University

The Library of Maltepe University also called as the Information Center has a strong technical infrastructure and offers access to continuously updated printed and digital collections. At the library of Maltepe there are 5 Million books available. Maltepe University, which is a member of ANKOS and TÜBTAK – EKUAL, is classified using the LCC (Library of Congress Classification) System and offers 24/7 uninterrupted service with 150,000 printed books and 12,000 printed journals. There are free study rooms in the library where students can work easily, as well as reader machines and computers with an internet connection that are open to use indefinitely.

Accommodation & Dorms at Maltepe University

Dormitories at Maltepe University are located in the middle of nature, among pine trees, and are built in accordance with earthquake regulations. They provide a safe, pleasant, and peaceful existence in close proximity to nature, where lifelong friendships are formed and solidarity and sharing are taught.

On each of our three-story dormitories’ floors, there are two opposite apartments and two adjacent rooms with their own bathroom in the middle portion. The flats are divided into four rooms, each with its own bathroom and a shared kitchen.

Maltepe University Ranking

University Maltepe University
Location Turkey
World Rank 3328
National Rank 61
Quality of Education Rank
Alumni Employment Rank
Quality of Faculty Rank
Research Performance Rank
Overall Score

Maltepe University Apply

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Maltepe University Faculties

  • Faculty of paedagogy (psychological guidance, English language)
  • Faculty of natural sciences and literature (philosophy, mathematics, psychology)
  • Faculty of fine arts (acting, film, plastic arts, cartoon making-animation, photography)
  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of economics and business administration (economics, business administration, international relations and European Union)
  • Faculty of communication sciences (visual communication and design, public relations and publicity, radio-cinema-TV)
  • Faculty of architecture (graphic design, interior decoration, architecture)
  • Faculty of engineering (computer engineering, electronics, industrial engineering)
  • Faculty of medicine (and Nursing)

Scholarships at Maltepe University

Yes! There are Scholarships available for International students at Maltepe University! For obtaining scholarships at this university please fill out the application form below!


 Medicine (English)  English 6  Undergraduate 14.000 $ 14.000 $
 Architecture (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 International Trade and Logistics (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 Public Relations and Publicity (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 English Language Teaching (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 Guidance and Psychological Counseling (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 Industrial Engineering (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 Civil Engineering (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 Computer Engineering (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 Software Engineering (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 Psychology (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 Sociology (English)  English 4  Undergraduate 5.000 $ 3.250 $
 Medicine   Turkish 6  Undergraduate 10.000 $ 10.000 $
 Architecture   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Interior Architecture   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Nautical Design   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Business Administration   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 International Trade and Logistics   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Political Science and International Relations   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Public Relations and Publicity   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Radio, Television and Cinema   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Visual Communication Design   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Journalism   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Special Education Teacher Training   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Preschool Teachers Training   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Mathematics Teacher Training   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Guidance and Psychological Counseling   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Civil Engineering   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Cartoon and Animation   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Graphic Arts   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Performing Arts   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Gastronomy and Culinary Arts   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Philosophy   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Psychology   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Social Work   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Sociology   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Law   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Composition and Orchestral Conducting   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Piano, Harp and Guitar   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Wind and Percussion Instruments   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Strings   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $
 Nursing   Turkish 4  Undergraduate 4.000 $ 3.200 $

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