Scholarships in Turkey

Scholarships for International Students in Turkey


Scholarships in Turkey

Scholarships in Turkey

Scholarships in Turkey: A popular topic in the interests of international students. Turkey has become a popular destination for international stu-dents looking for a study abroad. Turkish universities offer internationally recognized programs and is relatively cheap compared to other countries. When it comes to Scholarships in Turkey, there are several different pro-grams and also options from which the students can profit from.

Below we have listed you all Scholarship options In Turkey, governmental or from universities and us.

There are several different scholarship options in Turkey. We as Global Academia, functioning as a representative of 50+ different Universities in Turkey are offering special discounts to our students choosing one of our universities.

Depending on the program type and university we offer our students up to 75% scholarships. If you want to earn a special scholarship please fill out the International Student Application Form.

Turkey is an important educational country which opened its doors last year to students around the world. Ensuring all kinds of incentives for Turkish hospitality and high-quality education by foreign students Turkey, enhancing the quality of life of students in the scholarship system, and ensuring improved healthcare.

With the advantages of our differential areas toward Turkey, foreign na-tionals may be favored as an alternative for the developing students. Ad-ditionally, a lot of scholarships are available for international students to feel safe in the country.

We’ve collected some of the scholarship system for international students in Turkey for you to take advantage of.

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Scholarships in Turkey for Medicine / MBBS

One of the most chosen departments – if not the most chosen department is Medicine in Turkey. Because there are so many applications, getting a Scholarship for Medicine even at private universities in Turkey is near to impossible. Which means: Scholarships for Medicine in Turkey are normally not usual. Even getting accepted to Medicine in Turkey can be very hard for students.

With an Acceptance Rate of 98% – We secure your place in Medicine in Turkey. Through an Application with Global Academia Application Form and Consultation we guarantee your seat at the Medical Faculties in Turkey with the minimum fees possible.

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Bachelor Degree Scholarships in Turkey

Scholarships for Bachelor Degrees in Turkey can be awarded to most students applying to private universities through Global Academia. We of-fer up to 70% Scholarships to Bachelor applicants – Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. Most scholarships we gave out in the last years are in departments of Engineering, Architecture or Nursing.

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Postgraduate Scholarship in Turkey

There are 201 universities – most of the universities in Turkey offer scholarship programs for postgraduate studies. We recommend our stu-dents to choose from private universities in Turkey – where it is possible to get up to 50% scholarship for International students. Depending on the point average and degree (PhD or Masters), scholarships in Turkey can vary.

Scholarships in Turkey depending on countries

There are different scholarship options for different regions of the world from the Turkish state. For private universities, the country of origin is not important. Depending on the high school average or bachelor’s or master’s GPA, scholarships will be granted.

Scholarships in Turkey – Programs

There are various Scholarships in Turkey offered from different organizations for different regions and countries. Please check Admission Criteria for International Students in Turkey if your high school graduation is enough for studying in Turkey before applying for any types of Scholarships in Turkey!

Turkish Language Speaking Countries Scholarship

This scholarship program which includes students from the Turkish Coun-cil speaking Turkish countries provides a holistic approach to the region’s economic and social growth. Students from countries not in the Turkish Council yet with similar principles will also benefit from this initiative.

Countries covered by the scholarship; Students coming from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Cyprus.

Black Sea Scholarship Program

On the Black Sea coast of Turkey; the eastern, western and northern parts covering their neighbors in this scholarship system give advantages to pretty much by discussing the vast geography of these young people coming to Turkey to learn.

Black Scholarship Program covers students from these countries: Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Belarus, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic

Harran Scholarships in Turkey

The Harran area, which hosted the first historically founded university, has been one of the world’s most significant science centers throughout history. Also called Harran Scholarship was the scholarship given to real-ize science, cultural, and social exchanges among the countries of the re-gion.

Harran Scholarship; Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, Bang-ladesh, Yemen and the scholarship program will demand from foreign students to get university education in Turkey from Israel.

Turkey-Africa Scholarship Program

With Africa and Turkey, a new age in Africa started to begin. This effort originated in terms of quality and quantities within the framework of the Turkey-Africa Scholarship System and was able to offer more educational opportunities for students. African youth education and training in the growth of Africa, which is an incredibly valuable scholarship opportunity to continue their lives in Turkey-Africa

Last but not least, the most popular scholarship program:

türkiye scholarships

Turkiye Bursları (Turkiye Scholarships)

Application Criteria for Turkiye Scholarships

1. Minimum Academic Criteria

• Minimum academic achievement for applicants for a Bachelor’s degree: 70%

• Minimum academic achievement for applicants with a Master’s degree and a Doctorate degree: 75%

• Minimum academic achievement with applicants for health sciences (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy): 90%.

2. Age Criteria

• To be under the age of 21 for Undergraduate programs

• To be under the age of 30 for Master’s programs

• To be under the age of 35 for Doctorate programs

Who can join the Turkey Scholarships program

Eligible Groups:

• Citizens of all countries

• Graduates or candidates who can complete the present aca-demic year (before September 2019)

• Researchers at Universities

• Academicians at Universities

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We wish you great luck and much success throughout your studies in Turkey and also your Scholarship applications!