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Student Accommodation in Turkey

Student Accommodation in Turkey: If you have chosen Turkey as your study destination and selected your course and university, then the next step is to start thinking about your choices for accommodation. There are several options for Accommodation for International Students in Turkey.

To some students it is easy to agree to live at home. If in less than an hour you can get from bed to lecture theatre, there’s no reason to care for yourself and abandon the safety of your childhood home. But there’s a greater need to transfer for many others, such as students who need to migrate to school. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to Student Accommodation in Turkey.

Bear in mind that most organizations should provide facilities to support you find housing. We will provide information about the variety of accommodation choices and their related prices, provide you with access to directories of student living and help you plan for the transfer.

In this section we cover Types of student accommodation in Turkey and tips on choosing the right student accommodation for you. Let’s begin!

Types of student accommodation in Turkey

To get you going, we’ll explore some of the students ‘most common accommodation choices in Turkey here:

  • Halls of residence and colleges
  • College apartments
  • Home stay
  • Renting
  • Hostels
  • Living at home
Halls of residence and colleges in Turkey

A Student Hall in Turkey

Halls of residence and Universities in Turkey

These are typically affiliated with an institution or operated by it, and are housed on or near campus. Students typically rent one single bedroom and share facilities such as bathrooms and kitchen kitchens, although some establishments may have private bathrooms and kitchenettes in apartment form. Only some of the private universities in Turkey offer dorms / student housing at the campus.

Both services (electricity, gas and water) are included in the rates, and every room typically has internet access, but this might not be included in the room’s rate.

Colleges aim to provide a range of student amenities, such as regular meals in a formal dining room and college tuition, while residences may provide students with more flexibility, often providing students the opportunity to prepare their own meals in communal kitchens.

Notice that prices vary considerably depending on the organization and place (for example, metropoli-tan as opposed to regional). Ask the lodging provider at your chosen institution for a pricing guide.

About Universities in Turkey


  • The endless chance to socialize and meet new people is one of the main draws. It is perfect whether you’ve moved to a new city or state and feel a little out of place. Throughout the year there are normally several events (everything from formal balls to monthly gatherings and karaoke nights) and plenty of chances to build a friendship or two.
  • Home comforts are not to be overlooked, with numerous establishments selling amenities such as gyms, swimming pools and cinemas.
  • Most colleges offer a variety of co-curricular programs including musicals and sports teams.
  • Your access to the school is another major bonus. That may mean saying farewell to your car or public transit fares and then enjoying some extra time.


  • This type of accommodation can be expensive, although costs will vary between institutions. Note that while some services (such as internet) may be included in the cost, others (such as cleaning) may not be. Keep an eye out for scholarships and bursaries on offer to assist with these costs.
  • You can be expected by the agency to follow a set of laws. This includes issues like parties (including the maximum number of guests permitted and noise levels) and overnight visitors, as well as the use of common equipment and facilities.
  • While always optimistic, some students are finding social ways to disengage and some are losing privacy.
University Apartments in Turkey

University Apartments of Isık University in Istanbul – Turkey

University Apartments in Turkey

University apartments provide students with a more private living experience than university or residential halls within the university. There are usually self-contained apartments with a kitchen, bathroom and minimal living space. Utilities may or may not be covered by the operating costs and for internet and mobile access you will have to pay extra. You can notice some buildings are institutionally affiliated and others are privately owned.

Costs are very complex. For a pricing guide, please contact our accommodation consultants. College apartments as accommodation type in Turkey is not that common. Very few universities offer that kind of accommodation.

Information about some of universities in Turkey:


  • Residing in college apartments not only offers a more individual life style than other types of housing, it also allows greater freedom to students because of the provision of self-contained living spaces.
  • You’ll definitely be able to rent a bed in an apartment next to the school, whether it’s a walking distance or a fast drive by public transport.


  • You’ll have to spend more for dinners, tutoring and internet connectivity (as well as re-organize them!).
  • You may notice the sense of community offered by campus living is missing.
Homestay Turkey

Homestay as an Accommodation Option in Turkey – ‘Guest in a Family’


It includes renting a room in a private home and sharing (usually a family) with current owners. Normally, you’re going to have your own bedroom and share most facilities. Food can be issued.

Homestay costs are very variable. Contact your institution for pricing detail, and what to expect.


  • You don’t miss the joy of the family or the comforts of the animals you may have been accustomed to at home.
  • It may be much cheaper than other forms of housing, as you also have meals and washing.


  • Certain students consider it tough to adjust to the way of life of a foreign culture, such as the rules of the house and the proposed dinner cuisines.
  • You may find the social connections missing.
Renting an Apartment as an International Student in Turkey

Renting an Apartment as an International Student in Turkey can be very exciting!


This can mean moving out with friends (or even strangers) on your own, or into a joint house or apartment. Sharehouses can be found by word of mouth, real estate directories, newspapers or on college student noticeboards.

The rental cost of accommodation varies greatly depending on your location, and the type of accommodation you want (for example, a house or apartment). Visit the real estate websites and the section on Research Destinations for cost indicator in the areas you are considering


Renting offers you even greater flexibility than other housing forms, making you become independent and self- by covering your own expenses, managing maintenance responsibilities, and interacting with property managers and tenants.

You will pick where you live, whether it means putting up a house in the inner city or in the suburbs farther afield.

You have more space to live how you want (although it helps with housemates sit down and establish some simple rules).


Living out of home can be costly, particularly if you want to live by yourself. Further prices, such as food and taxes, would still have to be weighed in.

If you are living with someone, be aware that sharing a space with others who have a particular lifestyle (and maybe a specific understanding of what defines clean!) may be tough. Sharing conflicts between households may get nasty.

Student Hostels in turkey

Student Hostels in Turkey are one of the most chosen accommodation types!

Student Hostels in Turkey

Hostel accommodation for students in Turkey is a common option for students coming to study from a regional city, interstate or overseas. These also offer a decent choice for the short term before anything more concrete can be planned.

Hostels typically have a spacious bedroom with access to a communal kitchen and bathroom, laundry, lounge area, and entertainment amenities (such as pool tables and arcade game machines). You can notice that meals are being delivered but that is not always the case. Often there is the option to live in dorm-style or twin-share spaces, and usually there are short-term rental options.

The quality of lodging in hostels depends on both the venue and the form of facilities offered. You may also tend to pay extra for private rooms or twin-share rooms than dorm-style accommodation. Contact hostels in the places you are exploring but also talk to your institution’s lodging department, because they will guide you in the right direction.


There are several opportunities to meet new people, especially if you’re new to the city.

Proximity is a significant ad-vantage, if you want a hostel close your school. You can note that there are a variety of hostel choices in the center of the area, so for students studying in the CBD it can be a really convenient choice.


You are expected to share facilities with a significant number (sometimes 50 or more) of citizens.

You can think the cost is not exactly what you get, particularly if you choose to pay extra for meals.

Living at Home while studying in Turkey - Student Accommodation in Turkey

Living at Home while studying in Turkey could be your choice!

Living at home as a Student in Turkey

Living at home is the cheapest choice for lodging, preferred by many students. While your parents can want you to apply to the board after you’re out of school, this is possibly a more appealing choice than bidding for on-campus housing or private rentals.


Living at home will be considerably easier, depending on the situation, so that also ensures you would usually have to expend less time trying to get by, providing you with more energy and resources to do whatever you wish.

Staying at home normally ensures you can start to appreciate all the comforts you have on the creature??? Re used to such things as the nursery and home-cooked meals.

You have access to a private research room, something that can be hard to find in shared housing or on campus while living.


Independence may be a concern. Leaving school means you’re able to be handled as an adult, but having to obey the laws of your parents (even curfews) or living with a loss of privacy may be quite complicated.

You can miss out on some of the on-campus social events, particularly if you are in a rush to get home after will class. You can note that students living on campus are either drinking together or creating close-knit communities, which can lead certain students outside of campus to feel lonely.

If you don’t live close enough to your campus, it can be a hassle getting to and from class. Beware of those one-reading days; lying in bed can be really enticing and guarantee you will be waking up next week.

Tips for choosing Student Accommodation in Turkey

Before you decide on your accommodation as an international student in Turkey, ask yourself the following questions:

Does the location matter?

Place is one of the most (and most practical) important criteria. Do you want to live in the area or in the suburbs? Want to be able to cycle to the school, or are you ready to use public transport or drive?

Does your accommodation choice suit your lifestyle?

This is a easy enough issue, but understanding whether your lodging choice would work with your lifestyle is important. For example, if you love nothing more than harmony, quiet and time to yourself, you may rethink a share house or college. You can may have a feeling on different needs you have, such as going to the train station.

Does the accommodation fitting my budget?

Although your willingness to compensate for accommodation depends on your particular financial condition, you can determine that your preference is beyond your budget-et (and if it is realistic for a long period of time). Be sure to pick anything at the very highest end of the scale, because that will render it very complicated if a big cost pops up unexpectedly, such as significant auto repair, or whether you choose to take time off paying job to allow room for review research.

Is there anything to which you want to commit?

Think if it’s something you want to stick to while selecting your accommodation (if you’re agreeing a contract, an arrangement with your company, or otherwise). This involves contemplating (and reconsidering) the individuals with whom you want to stay if you have opted to share housing, as well as making a detailed reflection on the characteristics of each properties you look at, particularly if you have to make any concessions in the context of budgeting.

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