Study Architecture in Turkey

Study Architecture in Turkey

Are you planning to Study Architecture in Turkey? The department of Architecture is one of the most enjoyable and chosen departments among international students in Turkey. The English word for architecture has it’s roots from the Greek language: “arkhitekton”. With this article, we will present you the best universities to Study Architecture in Turkey. Furthermore general information about the Faculty of Architecture, yearly fees in Turkey. Also we will give you briefly information about Career Opportunities that you have after your Architecture studies in Turkey. Not to forget: You can study Architecture in English in Turkey as well. There you have lots of universities in Turkey to choose from.

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Since the first years of humanity, there has always been a need for shelter. The designed structures not only served as shelters, but also reflected the cultural characteristics of their time. Most modern buildings today are inspired by the architecture of the Egyptian Pyramids, Renaissance Europe, and many more civilizations.

About Studying Architecture in Turkey

If you are interested in the design and appearance of buildings , if you want to pursue a career in this field, the most suitable option will be to Study Architecture in Turkey.

In addition, student candidates should have interest in drawing – designing and history. Throughout your education in Turkey, you will learn about the developments in the field of design throughout the history, drawing, building design. You will use what you have learned in your individual projects.

Course Content

Not every course is as practical from the start as the architecture course. Right from the start, the content of the course is geared towards specific construction projects. The feasibility of your ideas is always as important as the creativity of your design. For this reason, you will also learn the basics of construction, such as:

  • Building physics
  • Structural analysis
  • Building materials science
  • Construction chemistry
  • Structural theory
  • Sanitary engineering
  • Heating technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Concrete construction
  • Timber construction
  • steel construction

Since management and costing are becoming increasingly important in the architecture industry, you also attend seminars in:

  • Construction management
  • Construction management
  • Construction planning
  • Building law

Of course, the course also includes classic architecture subjects. The course of the respective institutes includes the following courses in the course catalog:

  • Building science
  • Representation technology
  • Building construction
  • Design
  • History of construction and art

You will also learn how to use CAD applications. These are computer-aided design programs with which you can design your designs.

In the Department of Architecture in Turkey, it is not enough for the students to attend the classes completely, they should work on their own projects outside the hours. Students who want to get high grades should be very hardworking, enthusiastic, and interested in topics.

Career Opportunities

After you have finished to Study Architecture in Turkey, you can of course pursue a career as an architect globally.

Architecture graduates are offered the opportunity to work in other fields like:

  • Industry
  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Engineering firms
  • Architectural offices
  • Housing associations

You can also work:

  • as construction manager on construction sites
  • in project management
  • in project development
  • as site inspector
  • as an environmental analyst
  • in facility management
  • Many architects also set up their own office

after studying Architecture in Turkey.

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Best Universities to study Architecture in Turkey

To Apply to below Mentioned Universities please click on the University’s Name or Fill out the Application for Below.
University City Language Yearly Fees
(before discount)
Yearly fees
(After discount)
ISIK UNIVERSITY İstanbul English 7200 USD 3600 USD
ALTINBAS UNIVERSITY İstanbul English 8500 USD 4000 USD
ISTANBUL OKAN UNIVERSITY İstanbul English 6500 USD 4500  USD
ISTINYE UNIVERSITY İstanbul English 5400 USD 5400 USD
OZYEGIN UNIVERSITY İstanbul English 14000 USD 8400 USD
BAHCESEHIR (BAU) UNIVERSITY İstanbul English 7900 USD 7900 USD


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General Information about Studying in Turkey

🇹🇷Studying in Turkey

Turkey is an often chosen destination for International Students. In Turkey students have the possibility to Study in English. Studying in Turkish and learning an additional language can also be very exciting.

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Requirements to Study in Turkey

Depending on your country of origin, there are different admission criterias for students. If you want to check out, which admission criterias you have please check out:
Admission Criteria for International Students in Turkey

Procedures of Enrollment at Universities in Turkey:

  1. Filling out the Application Form
  2. Counselling with your Agent / Final Decision
  3. Acceptance Letter
  4. Deposit Payment to the University
  5. Visa (if needed)
  6. Dorm / Hostel Booking
  7. Start your studies in Turkey!

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