Study cinema and television in Turkey

Study Cinema and Television in Turkey

The Cinema and television course in Turkey is not only popular among Turkish students also a field chosen by International Students in Turkey. The Bachelor of Cinema and Television covers the various areas of film production. You will learn the theoretical basics, the methods of filmmaking and film production as well as some economic topics, such as media law (e.g. licenses, contract law, copyright and copyrights), time management, project management, marketing, market analysis or product development.

About Studying Cinema and Television in Turkey

In the course of Cinema and Television (also known as Film and Television) at Universities in Turkey , you can sometimes also choose a specialization in order to qualify yourself even more specifically for your dream career. The main focuses include B .:

  • Documentary
  • TV animation
  • Screenwriting / scripting
  • Camera
  • Direction / Director
  • Visual Effects
  • (Post) production of Videos
  • Scenography (f.e. for Ad’s)

The focus of course also depends on which university you want to study film at. Your course of study may also be more specific, for example in a film production course.

Possible course content of Cinema and Television in Turkey


  • Basics of camera & light
  • Script basics
  • Film history
  • Film analysis
  • Basic cut
  • Assembly theory
  • Direction, camera work
  • Audio and video technology
  • Original sound
  • Imagery
  • Image composition
  • storytelling
  • 2D / 3D animation
  • Video and audio editing
  • Moving image formats for the web

Career Opportunities

After completing your degree in Cinema and Television in Turkey, you will of course primarily specialize in one industry: the Cinema and Television industry. In many cases, film graduates become self-employed and work on a project basis for various clients such as film productions, television broadcasters or record companies. But other areas that rely on moving images, such as media and advertising agencies, editorial offices or the entertainment industry, are also regularly looking for trained film experts. Especially since then various video portals such as B. YouTube and streaming services such as Netflix, which also produce themselves, have become an integral part of the media landscape, there is more and more accessible media content than ever before.

After finishing Cinema and Television in Turkey

  • Director
  • Assistant director
  • Cameraman / woman
  • Cutter
  • Producer
  • VFX artist
  • Scriptwriter
  • Lighting technician

Best Universities to study Cinema and Television in Turkey

University Language Yearly Fees
(before discount)
Yearly fees
(After discount)
Bahçeşehir University
English $7.900 $7.900
Istanbul Okan University Turkish $4.900 $4.400

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