Study Dentistry in Turkey

Study Dentistry in Turkey

Study Dentistry in Turkey offers many opportunities for the foreign student. There are two ways of getting an acceptance letter in Turkish Dentistry Faculties, both ways work very well for the international student:

One option is to apply to the State University directly with your results of the YÖS- Exam, which are organized by the university once a year.  Some State Universities also held a common yearly YÖS exam, that is valid in those participating universities.

The second way to get an acceptance letter from a Turkish Dentistry Faculty – Study Dentistry in Turkey is to apply without the entrance exam to Foundation Universities, which is frequently the choice of thousands of international students who missed out on taking YÖS or don`t want further examinations than the one which they took in their home country. Those applications are made with graduation certificates or university entrance exams of the home country. 

We as Global Academia can get you accepted to foundation universities very easily. Please fill out the Application Form and we will get you accepted within days.

Apply Dentistry in Turkey

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As many of the ambitious future students know, in their home-countries it is quite hard to get an acceptance in Dentistry at all. Turkey is a great option for those students who strive to realize their dreams of Studying dentistry and could not have the same opportunity in their home counties. In Turkey, these aspired dreams can be realized without giving up the educational and life quality.

Our purpose in  this article is to inform you about the general requirements, the application procedure and the recognition of the Dentistry Diploma in Turkey across the world.

Dentistry Education in Turkey

The number of Dental Faculties in Turkey is increasing year by year to embrace all the national and international demands of high quality education. The quality of the Dental Faculties are also competitingly on top-level.

During the first year of study, the topics are  held in the fields of Basic Natural Sciences and i in the field of anatomy, physiology, histology and pharmacology. This educational phase is called the “pre-clinical phase”.

One of the further aims of the first year is  to present the devices and materials that are used in Dentistry in the first year you will have an introduction to dentistry and will gain knowledge about the instruments.

The second year is giving the students profound knowledge and capacity to understand the human organism and it`s pathology, intense biochemistry, pharmacology.

In the third year of dentistry studies in Turkey, the Clinical Phase starts, theoretically and practically the students learn to examine and to interprete patient`s diseases. The Clinicals partially start at this year, to pass to the next year, every dentistry student needs to pass every single rotation.

The practical year is the last year(5thyear), this year the students will have the chance to work and study on real patients on themselves with a supervisor on their side.They are now capable to present all the knowledge and practice as a dentist and they also  have the duties fo a first resident in the hospital.

Study Dentistry in Turkey

Requirements to Study Dentistry in Turkey

The requirements for studying dentistry in Turkey differ from university to university. The prerequisity is to have a high school diploma or beeing in the last year of high school.Your GPA is also important, it is preferred to have a exceptionally good GPA mostly.

If you want to know, if you are suitable for studying dentistry in Turkey, please fill out the application form and upload your documents.

Study dentistry in Turkey in English

In Turkey, you have the option of studying Dentistry in English or in Turkish. For both you need to pass the Language Proficiency Exam in Turkish and English after you matriculate to the Faculty. You can also give your TOEFL, IELTS, TÖMER-Turkish exam results for eliminating the Language Proficiency Year.

The fees for Studying Dentistry in Turkish are mostly a lot more cheaper then the ones in English, in some faculties they do not differ between English and Turkish Educational fees.

It is important to understand Turkish even for those who study Dentistry in English, because of the patient-doctor-comunication and understanding coworkers during the clinical phase of Dentistry.

Study Dentistry in Turkey – Fees & Costs

Learning materials, medical equipments needed in the study of dentistry, must be obtained by the students themselves. Compared with a law student, a dental student has more expenses because of the materials, instruments or books.

Example: During a dentistry study in Turkey, the student spends 1000 to 1500 TL (equivalent to 220 to 330 Euro) for the instruments. Many of the students obtain these instruments from the upper semester students. In some universities in Turkey, students get the instruments for free, because it`s included in their fees. These instruments can be also organized as a group order by the school`s affiliates to buy it cheaper for the students. More about: the fees of studying in Turkey.

Either way, the costs of the materials will not be surprisingly high and they will only be required for the second half of the studies, during the clinical phase and will also be needed in the praxis, later on as a dentist.

To learn more about the educational fees, please contact our professional counselors per the information given here or fill out the application form.

There are many programs offering small amount scholarships. You can check out the governmental program: Turkey Scholarships


For most of our applicants, studying dentistry in their home country is almost impossible. For example in the United States of America, you have to pass the ‘DAT – Dental Admissions Test’ for the admission. Often courses like Biology, Physics, General and Organic Chemistry are asked in these exams. In Turkey courses like these or exams are not required to be accepted to dentistry. State universities require the entrance exam only. Foundation Universities will accept the home-country`s exam or graduations, as long as they are educationally equal to the Turkish documents.

We as Global Academia cooperate with almost 43+ universities in Turkeyand help you getting your acceptance letter for Dentistry. Some of our partner universities offer the program Dentistry. As their official representatives and partners of several universities in Turkey, we can help you getting admitted and follow up all of the procedures with you.

In case you want our company to talk to our partner universities on your behalf, please fill out the application form and upload your documents.

For all those, who fill out our Application Form and meet the criteria of the university, the acceptance letters will be sent to their given mails within 3 days. Acceptance rate to Dentistry in Turkey is appr. %100.

Our Partner Universities offering: Dentistry

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istanbul atlas university

Istanbul Atlas University
Faculty of Dentistry
Location: Istanbul
Language: English
Fees: 16.000 $ 14.400$ per year

Ankara Medipol Universitesi

Ankara Medipol University
Faculty of Dentistry
Location: Ankara
Language: English
Fees: 28.000 $ 17136$ per year

altinbas üniversitesi

Altinbas University
Faculty of Dentistry
Location: Istanbul
Language: Turkish / English
Fees: 25.000 $ 15.000$ per year

Bahcesehir University

Bahçeşehir University
Faculty of Dentistry
Location: Istanbul
Language: English
Fees: 20.000$ per year

Istanbul Medipol University
Faculty of Dentistry
Location: Istanbul
Language: English
Fees: 28.000 $ 17.136$ per year


Istanbul Okan University
Faculty of Dentistry
Location: Istanbul
Language: English
Fees: 20.000 $ 18.500$ per year

istinye university

Istinye University
Faculty of Dentistry
Location: Istanbul
Language: English
Fees: 18.360$ per year

istanbuk galata university logo

Istanbul Galata University
Faculty of Dentistry
Location: Istanbul
Language: English
Fees: 20.000 $ 13.500$ per year in English

Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University
Faculty of Dentistry
Location: Istanbul
Language: English
Fees: 27.500$ per year

Study Dentistry in Turkey in English recognition from


The Dentistry Diploma you`ll receive in Turkey is approved all over the world. You will not have any problems in terms of recognition in the EU, the USA; the UAE or elsewhere.

The vast majority of the Dentistry Faculties in Turkey are members at ADEE –Association for Dental Education in Europe, which certificates the excellence of these universities on international level, and certifies their education to have EU-equivalent standards of dental education. Universities in Europe and Turkey have the introduced the same syllabus to their students, also ECTS Credit System is applied on the Transcripts of Turkish Diplomas. The additional Blue Diplomas (EU-Diploma Supplies) are given to the graduating Dentists and Medical Doctors as a proof of this excellence.

Through the European Nostrification Process, there is literally, bureaucratically, Curricular-wise and scientifically no difference between studying Dentistry in Turkey and studying Dentistry in Europe.

There is a countrywide standardization of education in Dentistry in Turkey, so changing university inside Turkey is also not a problem for those who want to apply for transfer.

The dental education in Turkey has a regular duration of five years (ten semesters).

Through our experience and the contact with our former students who all are now practicing dentists on their own, we know that the degree obtained in Dentistry in Turkey is valid in all of Europe and there were no problems in term of recognition in the USA while participating in the residency entry exams. The UAE are recognizing Turkish diplomas automatically.

After your dentistry studies in Turkey

Postgraduate School in Dentistry in Turkey

After studying Dentistry in Turkey, you have many chances. You can upgrade your education to a PhD academically and/or specialize in different fields clinically. Your dentistry Phd from Turkey can also allow you to work and teach as a lecturer at any university in the World.

Working on state hospitals and private hospitals in Turkey or in abroad is also possible with your Turkish Diploma.

If you want to work abroad, you need to register in the countries Chamber of Dentistry and follow their instructions. For Turkey, one needs to register to the Turkish Chamber of Dentistry aswell.

With a dentistry diploma from Turkey, you also have the chance to work in Germany and the other European Union countries through the Approbation Process in each country.

Opportunities for Turkey`s Dentistry graduates besides the academical path are the following in Turkey/World: to open a clinic or a private praxis, working in the hospital part time – or work full time or specialize further in a branch of Dentistry in Turkey or abroad.

If you choose to stay and practice Dentistry in Turkey, to work at any of the state hospitals, you must register at the Dentistry Board of Physicians. The Turkish authorities assign you to a region/hospital of your choice.

To become a Dentistry Resident in Turkey, you have to undertake the DUS-exam for foreigners in Turkish or English. This central exam is held by the government for anybody who wants to specialize or to own a postgraduate degree in Dentistry.


To Study Dentistry in Turkey is a great option for those who want to have an excellent, word-class Dentistry education abroad.

The quality education of Dentistry in Turkey allows you to become a competent, up-to-date modern scientist and a Dentistry Doctor at the same time.

Studying in Dentistry in English in Turkey is a great opportunity to start your education right-away, also gaining the experience of communicating in an other language with your patients will broaden your personality and capabilities in human communication, which is a plus point for doctors in any branch.

The equivalency of the Dentistry education per ADEE –Association for Dental Education in Europeapproves the quality and excellence of the Dentists receiving their Alma Mater in Turkey.

The ECTS Credit System (EUROPE), the Blue EU-Diploma Supply, the Bologna process are standardizing the education on a world-class level and equilize it to EU-Diplomas in many perspectives.

Turkey`s Dentistry Education is accepted in the USA for the Dentistry Specialization Exams, by many states` boards of Dentistry.

The UAE automatically recognizes Turkish diplomas. So the Turkish Dentistry education opens many doors at once. Therefore every aspiring Dentistry Candidate should consider tp study Dentistry in Turkey in their wish list under the top 5 countries for abroad studies.

Dental Schools in Turkey

There are universities offering the program Dentistry in Turkey. As you know there are foundation universities and state universities. To apply for the foundation universities Faculty of Dentistry please click on the link below.

State universities offering the program Dentistry:

  • Ankara University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Atatürk University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Bülent Ecevit University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Çukurova University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Cumhuriyet University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Dicle University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Ege University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Erciyes University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Gazi University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Gaziantep University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Hacettepe University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • İnönü University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Istanbul University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Karadeniz Technical University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Kırıkkale University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Marmara University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Ondokuz Mayıs University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Selçuk University – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Süleyman Demirel University – Faculty of Dentistry