Study Graphic Design in Turkey

Study Graphic Design in Turkey

Studying Graphic Design in Turkey is one of the most chosen undergraduate degrees by International Students among the Faculty of Art programs. The graphic design degree in Turkey makes you an expert in visual communication.

Do you have an eye for aesthetics? Do you enjoy designing in your free time? Then let your creativity run free during your studies and implement projects for real customers under the guidance of your lecturers. The demand is high, because nowadays hardly any company can operate successfully without a professionally designed communication design.

About Studying Graphic Design in Turkey

The graphic design course in Turkey will teach you the theoretical and practical basics to visual design and communication. In your studies you will deepen in topics like:

  • Typography
  • Illustration
  • Web design
  • Photography and Film

In addition, print media, screen design and logo design will be part of your studies. In the elective area, you have the opportunity to pursue your interests and learn interdisciplinary skills. You choose events in the following areas:

  • Media theory and advertising psychology
  • Marketing
  • Business Administration
  • Project management
  • Perception training

On top of that, you have the possibility to take courses in Business Administration or intercultural communication in additional modules.

Career Opportunities

Companies not only in Turkey, also around the world need Graphic Designers to run their business on digital platforms. Sometimes the graphic designers could be the key to success.

The competition is, as you can imagine, very strong. Many dream of a career as an art director. With a good education in Universities in Turkey you will be prepared for your future as a graphic designer. It is important that you gain practical experience during your studies in Turkey at internships or as a working student.

As a graphic design graduate, you visualize advertising messages and design the presence of your company online and offline. This ranges from the design of business cards and brochures to websites and multimedia offers. Working as a freelance graphic designer is also conceivable. You will also find employment in areas such as:

  • Advertising and communication agencies
  • Corporate PR departments
  • Movie and TV
  • Newspaper and book publishers
  • Trade fair and exhibition organizers

Best Universities to study Graphic Design in Turkey

University Language Yearly Fees
(before discount)
Yearly fees
(After discount)
Beykoz University
(Bachelor Degree)
Turkish $3.000 $2.805
Halic University
(Associate Degree)
Turkish $3.000 $2.000
Istanbul Aydın University
(Associate Degree)
Turkish ₺2.700 $2.160
İstanbul Bilgi University (Associate Degree) Turkish $2.200 $2.200
Istanbul Gedik University

(Associate Degree)

Turkish $15.000 $10.000
Istanbul Gelisim University

(Associate Degree)

Turkish $5.000 $2.750
Istanbul Kultur University

(Associate Degree)

Turkish $2.900 $2.550
Nisantasi University
(Associate Degree)
Turkish $5.000 $2.350
Yasar University
(Associate Degree)
Turkish $5.000 $3.647

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