Study Software Engineering in Turkey

Study Software Engineering in Turkey

The major of Software Engineering is getting more and more popular among international students in Turkey. With this article, we will give you information about the program, why you should pick Turkey for your Software Engineering studies and universities in Turkey offering Software Engineering.

Before applying to Universities in Turkey, it is important to know what you can expect in this major. In the software engineering course, you will learn to program software systems and adapt them to a wide variety of requirements. Nowadays software programs can be found in a wide variety of things: in PCs and smartphones, but also in washing machines, industrial plants, and cars. Since software plays such a major role in almost all areas of daily life, a software engineering degree is a good prerequisite for a future-proof job.

Universities in Turkey offer Bachelor Programs and Master Degrees in Software Engineering. The studying language is English. There are lots of Universities in Turkey to choose from. Most of the programs offered are 4 year Bachelor’s which are taught on campus.

Entry requirements and qualifications

  • High School Diploma (if possible)
  • High School Transcript
  • Passport

About Software Engineering

Software engineering is used in the field of computer science and goes beyond that. So if you are interested in computer science, software and computers and you are interested in dealing directly with people as well as a diverse professional field, a software engineering degree is exactly the right path for you. You can start your studies with an Abitur or a technical college entrance qualification, whereby in many cases a numerus clausus is required from the universities. Some universities require an aptitude assessment procedure or a face-to-face interview.

Information about Studying in Turkey

Turkey has 207 universities. There are over 8 million students in total in the country. With a population of 82 million people Turkey is the first country in the European Higher Education Area to have this number of students. At 207 universities, there are about 60.000 different programs. Out of this 60.000 Programs, Software Engineering is one of the most chosen departments in Turkey and also internationally. With its internationally recognized universities in Engineering, the rankings of Turkish universities are rising year by year. There are numerous reasons why you should study in Turkey. With its natural, spiritual, transportation, and physical features unique to its cities, Turkey is a magnet for students from all over the world.

About Studying Software Engineering in Turkey

A software engineering course is assigned to computer science, so that you first get to know the basics of computer science, software engineering and business administration. Building on this, you will learn more and more of the practical approach, project work and cooperation in a team or with customers in the course of your studies. Afterwards, depending on the subject, you can specialize in theoretical and technical computer science, games engineering or IT management, among other things. The central aspect of your studies is the development of professional competence.

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Important areas in the software engineering course are the development of software systems, the various programming languages, working with computer networks and database systems as well as data models. In the higher semesters you will also learn to plan software development as a project, to implement it in practice and to adapt it to changing requirements in dialogue with users.


Best Universities
to Study Software Engineering in Turkey

University Language Yearly Fees
(before discount)
Yearly fees
(After discount)
Istanbul Atlas University English 3500 USD 3150 USD APPLY NOW >
Altinbas University English 8500 USD 3500 USD APPLY NOW >
Bahcesehir University English 7900 USD 7900 USD APPLY NOW >
Haliç University English 4000 USD 4000 USD APPLY NOW >
Işık University English 9600 USD 4800 USD APPLY NOW >
Istanbul Okan University English 6500 USD 4500 USD APPLY NOW >
Istinye University English 5400 USD 5400 USD APPLY NOW >
Maltepe University English 6250 USD 4500 USD APPLY NOW >
Uskudar University English 3900 USD 3900 USD APPLY NOW >

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After Studying Software Engineering in Turkey

After studying software engineering, there are many career opportunities open to you. Since software solutions are gaining in importance in more and more economic areas, you can work in almost all areas. Depending on your interests and your specialization, you can enter different fields of work, for example software houses, consulting companies with an IT focus or in companies with specialized software departments. In addition, you are free to make a conscious decision to pursue a career in a globally operating company, a medium-sized company or to be self-employed.

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