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About Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University is a private university located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is one of the best universities in Turkey. Yeditepe University was founded in 1996 by the foundation called Istanbul Egitim ve Kultur Vakfi (ISTEK – Istanbul Educational and Cultural Foundation).

The primary teaching language at Yeditepe University is English. Most of the departments at Yeditepe University are taught in 100% English (including Medicine and Dentistry faculties). As the teaching language there is also Italian and Turkish offered.

Yeditepe University is offering 71 Bachelor Programs, 4 Associate, 87 Masters and 43 PhD Programs in 13 different Faculties. With its 175 laboratories and 46 ateliers Yeditepe University is one of the most equipped universities in Turkey. Most chosen departments at Yeditepe University by International Students are Medicine and Dentistry.

Yeditepe University is located on the Asian Side of Istanbul – In the district of Ataşehir. The campus of Yeditepe is a so called ‘Green Campus’ and is one of the few universities in Turkey which also produces it’s own energy with solar systems.

A Internationally Recognized University

Yeditepe University allows its students to explore different cultures and observe educational developments.

With its international cooperation aggrements with leading universities in Europe, United States, United States, Australia, Canada, Russia, South America, and the Far East, students have the chance to make exchanges to universities.

Universities in the United States, Canada, China, and Russia have signed Student Exchange Protocols and Memorandums of Understanding. Apart from these relationships, there are agreements in place with almost 700 European universities under the LLP – Life Long Learning Erasmus program.

Students and instructors from several colleges and departments can study abroad thanks to the university’s extensive network of connections.

Yeditepe University also ranks first among foundation institutions in terms of the number of international students enrolled through Erasmus and Exchange programs.

Another significant aspect of student exchange programs is the seamless transfer of credits across universities. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) was created by the European Commission to make student mobility between Europe and other countries easier while also supporting them.

This approach allows for the comparison and evaluation of educational achievements as well as the transfer of such accomplishments from one school to another. The European community also encourages university collaboration in order to improve educational quality.

Within the campus, there is an international spirit thanks to lecturer exchanges, collaborative initiatives, and seminars. All students can continue their study as well as do their internships abroad thanks to the extensive international cooperation network.

With almost 700 Erasmus+ agreements, Yeditepe University is one of the universities that hosts the biggest number of European students in Turkey, as listed in Times Higher Education’s (THE) list of “Asia’s Best Universities.”

Campus Life at Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University’s Campus has everything a student needs throughout his or her stay. Educational, cultural, artistic, and sporting activities. The 26 Agustos Campus is located on the outer borders of Kayışdağı on Istanbul’s Asian Side, with a land area of 125 thousand square meters and a building area of 223 thousand square meters.

The ‘26 August’ Campus, which was designed referencing the Old Turkish Seljuk architecture. There are two student halls of residence with a combined capacity of 4250 students, in addition to instructional halls, social rooms, and open areas.

Yeditepe University is also Turkey’s only university that generates its own energy using solar panels on the campus’ rooftops, having been ranked first among Turkey’s foundation universities in Green Metric’s 2017 and 2018 reviews, an international platform for sustainability and environmental awareness that ranks the world’s greenest universities. The system, which is made up of 3850 Axitex panels and a Huawei inverter and has a capacity of 1 MW, is Istanbul’s largest-scale rooftop application.

Great gates, some of which exceed a height of 22 meters, lead to the buildings. These are modern structures with elements of Seljuk design, such as well-lit courtyards. Anatolia’s natural stones were used to cover the constructions’ surfaces. The building’s façade is made of Ünye stone, which keeps it cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while the heat panels are made of polyurethane.

Yeditepe University in Rankings

  • In the THE Asia University Rankings (2021 Rank): 401+
  • Young University Rankings (2021 Rank): 351-400
  • Clinical, pre-clinical & health (2021 Rank): 601+
  • Impact Rankings: Partnerships fort he goals (2021 Rank): 201-300
  • Impact Rankings: Peace, justice and strong institutions (2021 Rank) : 401-600
  • Impact Rankings: Life on Land (2021 Rank) : 201-300
  • Impact Rankings: Climate Action (2021 Rank) : 301-400
  • Impact Rankings: Responsible Consumption and Production (2021 Rank) : 301-400
  • Impact Ranking: (2021 Rank) : 601-800

Dormitories at Yeditepe University

The dormitories at Yeditepe University, which are conveniently located in Ataşehir in the heart of Istanbul, can accommodate 4.250 students. While you can pursue your university studies on a 123.000 m2 fully equipped campus field, you can also take use of the university’s student residence options.

The majority of the rooms in the hall of apartments are for two persons. A bathroom, a mini-fridge, a private workstation, a chair, glass bookshelves, a wardrobe with a mirror, and other nonflammable items are included in the rooms. Additionally, internet access is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Students who live in the hall of residence have access to the Knowledge Center and Social Facilities, which include a restaurant, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness facility, a squash center, and a sauna, which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Yeditepe University proved its quality with evaluations from both national and international institutions as the first foundation university in Turkey to pass the European University Association Institutional Evaluation Program with its global education. With its international partnerships, Yeditepe University gives its students and professors with the experience of participating in international initiatives, as well as maintaining on track towards the goal of enhancing educational quality on a daily basis by completing several accreditation processes.

The Faculty of Dentistry has been accredited by the Joint Commission International and has received BS-EN-ISO 9001 quality assurance system certification. The faculty got its third JCI certification for the third time, making it the first in Turkey to do so. It also passed the American Dentistry Association’s educational accreditation in October of 2014. (ADA).

In addition, in 2008, the Faculty was granted ISO 9001 certification in the areas of education and patient care services, as well as accreditation from the European Federation of Periodontology for a graduate school of Periodontology in 2005 and a European Educational Union Certificate from the Association for Dental Education in Europe – ADEE in 2008. In 2014, the EFP evaluation was renewed and authorized till 2022.

The Accreditation Board of National Pharmaceutical Education (ECZAK) and the Association for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Pharmacy Education Programs have granted the Faculty of Pharmacy “Full Accreditation” for six years, making it the first among foundation university pharmacy faculties (ECZAKDER).

Faculty of Education is a member of the European Teacher Education Network, and its Turkish Language and Literature Teaching, English Language Teaching and Guidance, and Psychological Counseling programs are ready for accreditation.

After receiving their second FEDEK accreditations, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has ensured its quality by awarding five-year FEDEK certificates to Anthropology, Translation and Interpretation Studies, Sociology, History, English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Psychology, Turkish Language and Literature, Sociology, and History. TÜRKAK has additionally accredited the Physics Department’s Metrology (Calibration) Laboratory to TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

The Association of Engineering Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation (MÜDEK) awarded the Faculty of Engineering accreditation in the fields of computer, electrical-electronics, genetics, bioengineering, chemistry, mechanics, industrial, and systems engineering. It was acknowledged as Turkey’s first Education Center after the third inspection.

As a result of an on-site inspection by a visiting team from the National Medical Education Accreditation Board, the Faculty of Medicine gained full accreditation from the Association of Evaluation and Accreditation of Medical Education Programs (UTEAK / TEPDAD) (UTEAK).

In addition, the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s most influential setter of health standards, accredited the Yeditepe University Hospital’s full system and standards. As a consequence of the third examination, it was designated as Turkey’s first Education Center.

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Yeditepe University has 13 Faculties: Dentistry, Pharmacy, Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts, Law, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Architecture, Engineering, Health Sciences, Medical and Commercial Sciences, and Communication, Engineering, Health Sciences.

Two institutions and one vocational school provide 77 undergraduate and four associate degree programs.

In addition, 83 Master’s Degree programs and 43 Doctoral Degree programs are offered by the graduate schools.

Yeditepe University, which teaches in English, has been preparing students from all across Turkey for their future in the 26 Agustos Campus since its beginnings.

Scholarships at Yeditepe University

Yes! There are Scholarships available for International students at Yeditepe University for some departments! For obtaining scholarships at this university please fill out the application form below and talk to our consultants.

Why to choose Yeditepe University?

Yeditepe University, which has 13 faculties, two schools, and one vocational school and engages in a wide range of academic activities from science to social sciences, offers its students Double Major Programs, minors, and overseas training opportunities, as well as training tailored to the needs of the developing world.

Yeditepe University provides its students with a modern education that is in line with the requirements of the ever-developing World. With a diverse academic field ranging from Natural Sciences to Social Sciences, from Fine Arts to Healthcare Sciences and Educational Sciences.

Apart from academics, Yeditepe University offers its students the opportunity to develop themselves through 44 student groups and numerous activities. Yeditepe is consistently a top performer among all Turkish universities, with victories in 42 different sports disciplines.

Yeditepe University is a leader in higher education in Turkey, with over 700 collaborations with other prominent universities across the world, primarily in Europe, the United States, Canada, Russia, South America, and the Far East.

With its Academic Collaboration Agreement with Houston Methodist Global, which includes Faculties of Pharmacy, Healthcare Sciences, Dentistry, as well as Medical and Business Schools, Yeditepe takes another step forward in this direction as Turkey’s university with the most students participating in Erasmus and other exchange programs.

One of the main focuses of Yeditepe University is the “University-Industry Collaboration,” which allows students to be active outside of the university and get a insight in the business world. It is one of the few universities in Turkey, that is offering Industrial and Educational collaborations to students actively.

  • The university has 367 classrooms, 175 laboratories and 46 workshops
  • The green gardens cover 79,000 square meters of campus
  • The university includes 4 restaurants and 7 cafeterias
  • There is a cinema with 100 seats and a theater with 100 seats
  • There is a training studio for film and television students on an area of 250 square meters, and another for radio training on an area of 150 square meters
  • The university owns 2 basketball courts, and a number of indoor and outdoor semi-Olympic swimming pools
  • The fitness center and squash court are spread over an area of 708 square metres
  • The university owns a 783-square-meter service center that includes a bank and a shopping center

Studying Dentistry at Yeditepe University

The Faculty of Dentistry at Yeditepe University is Turkey’s first Dentistry faculty offered by a private university. The faculty’s mission is to educate secular, contemporary, investigative, and inventive dentistry professionals. Dentistry at Yeditepe University is offered in English or Turkish.

Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry, which includes a Dental Hospital, is not only Turkey’s most advanced and contemporary health institution, but also one of the world’s few examples of its sort. Also PhD Programs in Dentistry are offered.

Clinics and laboratories with state-of-the-art technology, as required by modern medicine and dentistry, are available for students. In “Simulator labs,” which were originally employed in dental school in Turkey, students receive preclinical instruction on robot patients.

In the clinical phase of the education at Yeditepe University, students work with real patients. The faculty has four operating rooms where local and general anesthesia are used for treatments. Meanwhile, there is a two-bed post-operative care unit.

Students have the option to view dental surgeries in the operating rooms via intraoral and extraoral cameras at the same time, as well as ask questions of the operators.

Studying Medicine at Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine became Turkey’s first private University having a Faculty of Medicine. First students were accepted in the 1996-1997 academic year. Apart from the preparatory language lessons, The faculty’s medium of teaching is English. Medicine at Yeditepe University in Turkey is 6 years in total.

Structure of the Medical School at Yeditepe University

The first two years of Medicine at Yeditepe University in Turkey consist of three modules: Basic Medical Sciences I and II – and Introduction into Clinical Sciences. Basic medical procedures are thought through the introduction into Clinical Practice modules throughout the three years of pre medical term.

In the third year, at the pre-medical term, students are being instructed into the basic diseases and human body.

Students who successfully qualify into the forth year rotate in the main fields of clinical field.

In the fifth-year students rotate into sub-specialty branches of Medicine.

Sixth year they become interns and shadow doctors and are also allowed to threat and prescribe Medicine to patients. After completing 12 months as Interns, students graduate with the title of “Medical Doctor” at the end of this term.

The Medical Faculty at Yeditepe University aims to raise doctors who are aware of national and international healthcare issues and have the knowledge, skills to provide excellent healthcare to patients all around the world.

Programs and Fees at Yeditepe University

DentistryENGLISH $                 27.500
PharmacyENGLISH $                 18.500
Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching ENGLISH $                   8.500
Elementary Mathematics TeachingENGLISH $                   8.500
English Language Teaching ENGLISH $                   8.500
Special Education TeachingENGLISH $                   8.500
Guidance and Psychological Counselling ENGLISH $                   8.500
Anthropology ENGLISH $                 10.500
Translation Studies ENGLISH $                 10.500
Philosophy ENGLISH $                 10.500
Physics ENGLISH $                 10.500
English Language and Literature ENGLISH $                 10.500
Mathematics ENGLISH $                 10.500
Psychology ENGLISH $                 10.500
Russian Language and Literature RUSSIAN $                 10.500
Sociology ENGLISH $                 10.500
History ENGLISH $                 10.500
Turkish Language and Literature TURKISH $                 10.500
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts ENGLISH $                 11.500
Graphic Design ENGLISH $                   9.500
Textile and Fashion Design ENGLISH $                   9.500
Plastic Arts and PaintingENGLISH $                   9.500
Art and Cultural Management ENGLISH $                   9.500
TheatreENGLISH $                   9.500
Law%30 ENGLISH $                 14.500
Economics ENGLISH $                 10.500
Business AdministrationENGLISH $                 10.500
Public Administration ENGLISH $                 10.500
Political Science and International Relations (French)FRENCH $                 10.500
Political Science and International Relations (English)ENGLISH $                 10.500
International Business Management (German) GERMAN $                 10.500
Journalism ENGLISH $                 10.500
Visual Communication Design ENGLISH $                 10.500
Public Relations and Publicity ENGLISH $                 10.500
Radio, Television and Cinema ENGLISH $                 10.500
Advertising Design and Communication ENGLISH $                 10.500
Industrial DesignENGLISH $                 10.500
Interior Architecture ENGLISH $                 10.500
Urban Design and Landscape Architecture ENGLISH $                 12.500
Architecture ENGLISH $                 12.500
Computer Engineering ENGLISH $                 12.500
Biomedical Engineering ENGLISH $                 12.500
Electrical and Electronic Engineering ENGLISH $                 12.500
Industrial Engineering ENGLISH $                 12.500
Genetics and Bioengineering ENGLISH $                 12.500
Food Engineering ENGLISH $                 12.500
Civil Engineering ENGLISH $                 12.500
Chemistry Engineering ENGLISH $                 12.500
Mechanical Engineering ENGLISH $                 12.500
Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering ENGLISH $                 12.500
Nutrition and DieteticsENGLISH $                   8.500
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation ENGLISH $                   8.500
Nursing ENGLISH $                   8.500
MedicineENGLISH $                 27.500
Information Security TechnologyENGLISH $                 10.500
Information Systems and Technologies ENGLISH $                 10.500
E-Commerce and ManagementENGLISH $                 10.500
Tourism Management ENGLISH $                 10.500
International Finance ENGLISH $                 10.500
Logistics Management ENGLISH $                 10.500
International Trade and ManagementENGLISH $                 10.500
International Transportation Systems ENGLISH $                 10.500
Management Information Systems ENGLISH $                 10.500
Real Estate Development and Management ENGLISH $                   8.500
Customs Administration ENGLISH $                   8.500
Human Resources Management ENGLISH $                   8.500
Agribusiness and ManagementENGLISH $                   8.500
Software DevelopmentENGLISH $                   8.500
Preparatory Foreign Language Program (Term) $                   6.000
Preparatory Foreign Language Program (Term - AS) $                   5.000

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