The YÖS exam is the entrance examination of foreign students at the Turkish universities. This exam will allow students to study subjects such as Medicine, Law, Psychology, Pharmacy, Mechanical engineering, Architecture and more in Turkey.

In most cases, the YOS Exam consists of 80 questions. Most of the 45 questions in the exam are the so-called IQ questions (general ability questions, Intelligence Questşons). The remaining 35 questions are from Mathematics. One can compare the topics of mathematics that occur in the YÖS exam with the questions of mathematics from the 10th grade in high school.

Registration for the YÖS exam

To be able to register for the YÖS exam, you first have to fulfill the YÖS requirements.
To get more information about the YÖS Exam requirements

If you meet the requirements, follow the steps below. The YÖS examination registration consists of four phases:

1st phase: the advance booking

  1. Visit the websites of the respective universities to register:
  2. At many of the universities you can register online. You need a valid e-mail address,
  3. In the pre-registration, you must complete the registration form and submit. In this registration form, you must select the city in which you would like to take the exam.
  4. You need to scan your passport and upload it to the system.
  5. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email.
  6. Once the confirmation has been received, you will be given an application number and your account at the university will be set up.
  7. After your account has been activated, you must set a username and password.
  8. After activation, you will be sent a confirmation email and the actual registration process begins.

2nd phase: registration

  1. After successfully completing the process of pre-registration for the YÖS exam, you will receive an email with the steps to register.
  2. You have to register in the “Aday Sistemi” in the system of the respective school. (Mostly the links are sent by mail)
  3. In the next step, it is important that you have already uploaded your passport. The city where you go to the exam must also be entered.
  4. All surfaces must be filled in without gaps!
  5. You will then be introduced to the payment process.
  6. It is possible to pay by credit card. However, you have the option to send the money by bank transfer. The transfer must be uploaded to the system.
  7. After successfully completing the payment, you must wait until the confirmation window appears. With transfers, this process takes a little longer than with credit card payments.
  8. You will then receive a message confirming the payment and you will be confirmed that your registration for the YÖS exam has been successfully completed.

Phase 3: check the registration

You can track the status of your login in the system. For changes of the YÖS examination dates you can track this in the system. Further information about their YÖS exam is also available in the system.

4th phase: participation in the exam

The registration has already been completed with the third process. You will receive an email that your exam participation card has been completed. If you do not receive an e-mail, check the system. This will be seen there.

Print this card. With this card you can take part in the YÖS exam (s).


Which degree programs can be studied with the YÖS examination?

The list of courses that one can study with the YÖS exam is published by the universities themselves. We have summarized these for the under the link: List of Degree Programs

With the YÖS exam you can apply to both the private and state universities of Turkey.

It is important to note, however, that some universities in the field of visual arts and music are conducting the so-called “Special Talent Tests”.

Also; For applications to the military and police academies, applicants must meet the special requirements of these academies. For more information contact us.

The results of the exams are announced by the universities themselves. The number of study places for the respective subjects of the Turkish universities in 2018 can be found here.

Information about:

  • Medical studies in Turkey
  • Psychology studies in Turkey
  • Dentistry study in Turkey
  • Law degree in Turkey

How many students take part in the YÖS exam?

According to the YÖK, a total of 39,037 applicants took part in the 2017 YÖS exams. In the last two years, the number of “foreign students” in Turkey has increased twice. Between 2018 and 2023, 100,000 students are expected.

Which subjects are the favorites of the applicants?

  1. Human Medicine (Turkish)
  2. Human Medicine (English)
  3. Dentistry
  4. Business Administration
  5. Law
  6. Economics
  7. Electroencephalography
  8. Psychology
  9. Architecture
  10. Veterinary medicine

Origin of the applicants participating in the YÖS exam

Students from all over the world take part in the YÖS exam. Most students are from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Germany, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Egypt and Tunisia.


The YÖS exam and High School Degree

The high school average has no effect on the YÖS exam. The final grade is not considered a factor. There are no additional points distributed. As a result, only the YÖS exam results are required to apply to Turkish universities.

Whether you have a degree from a high school, a comprehensive school or even Acik Lise does not matter. Performance and basic courses also play no role.

The only requirements are actually that they have a high school diploma, which is equated in Turkey as “Lise Diplomasi”. Students with Abitur, Abitur and also Acik Lise degrees are allowed to take the exam.

Is the YÖS exam difficult?

First, you can not judge directly whether the YÖS exam is difficult. This can vary from student to student. You can look at the YÖS exam questions and answer this question yourself. If the questions do not tell you anything, no problem! We, the Global Academia, have been specializing in the YÖS exam for 31 years and offer YÖS preparation courses.

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