How can we help you?

how it works - study in turkey application

How can we help you?

How it works?

Follow the following six steps to get your admission to Universities in Turkey.

Before starting your application, make sure you have already chosen a program to apply and prepared your documents for your application.

1. Submit your Application

Fill out our application form, choose your most preferred departments or universities and upload your documents.

2. Receive Offer Letters

After receiving your application and documents, you will receive an email from us and offer letters from universities in Turkey fitting your criteria and budget.

3. Deposit Payment

Choose the university you like the most out of your acceptances and make the deposit payment to the university’s account. Deposit payment is a part of your yearly fees to reserve your seat.

4. Sending Receipt

After you have made the money transfer, make sure you send us the receipt / proof of payment per mail or to one of our agents per WhatsApp.

5. Final Acceptance

After your transfer has arrived to the university, within 3-7 days you will receive your Final Acceptance Letter. With this letter you are fully enrolled to your university and can apply for your Visa to Turkey.

6. Visa Application

Upon acceptance into a Turkish University, begin the visa application procedure as soon as possible. With your final acceptance letter and all your supporting documents you can start applying for the Student Visa for Turkey.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Application

Global Academia is an educational consultancy / educational agency that assists international students in the processing of applications and admission to universities in Turkey.

Global Academia is officially representing and is contracted with universities in Turkey – which enables students to receive scholarships & fast admission – guaranteed admission and profit from special offers.

You will need following documents to start off with your application:

  1. A valid passport or ID
  2. High School Transcript
  3. A Photo (if possible)
  4. High School Diploma (if possible) – or predicted grades
You can apply to our universities through our application platform all year through.

There are usually two intakes at universities in Turkey.
One intake is for Fall Semester.
The second intake is for the Spring Semester.

The sessions start in End-February and in September. It is recommended to apply before start dates.

There are various reasons to apply with Global Academia:

Discounted Fees
Students receive discounted fees on their admissions. (Up to 75% scholarship depending on the program).



Fast & Guaranteed Admission
We are in contact with our universities on a daily basis and are able to send offer letters to our applicants very fast.
Because of the diverse catalogue of universities that we have, we will make sure that you fill find and enroll to the program you are looking for.

All your files and personal information will only be shared with universities and will not be used for other purposes.

Support before and after arrival to Turkey
Not only helping you with the admission – Global Academia also supports you throughout all procedures before and after application and arrival to Turkey.

This is a situation that we face on daily basis. In our application platform, there are lots of universities in Turkey to choose from.

If you can not decide on a university, let’s decide together! Our team at Global Academia will issue you offer letters from various universities in Turkey fitting your criteria and choices. After sending your offer letters, we will contact you once more and discuss choices and our recommendations.

After submitting your application, one of our agents will contact you and you will receive several offers from our universities in Turkey.

Be aware that receiving conditional acceptance letters can take up to 7 days to arrive.

After submitting your application, you can directly contact us so we can follow up your application directly.

Your tuition fees has to be paid directly to the university’s account mentioned on your conditional acceptance letter. You will receive your conditional acceptance letters directly from universities to your mail.

Every university in Turkey has different admission requirements. Here you can check out the page about the general admission requirements to universities in Turkey.

You can also talk to one of our consultants per WhatsApp.

Yes. You can submit your application documents on WhatsApp. Click the WhatsApp logo on the right corner of your screen to start your application on WhatsApp. Of course your information will be only shared with universities.

You will receive your conditional / offer letters directly from universities to your e-mail.

Your documents and personal information will only be shared with universities in Turkey and will not be used for other purposes.
You can trust us. You can be sure that your documents are in a safe place and after your admission is done and you will start studying, your documents and files will be deleted.

After you have made your deposit payment to the university (to the University’s account mentioned on the offer letter, that you have received) and sent us your receipt, you will receive a Final Acceptance letter within a couple of days.

This letter states that you are an official student of the university and it can be used for visa purposes as an invitation. Please take your Final Acceptance Letter  to the university with you while completing your registration.